LG Viewty Vs Samsung i780 – The Amazing Handsets

It takes sometime to adapt ourselves with the changing technological inventions. Almost every other day, a gadget is launched with certain specific and unique features. Human brains and imaginations never rest and they are constantly upgrading the available gadgets to provide maximum satisfaction to the consumers. Utilizing the available resources to invent innovative gadgets have always changed the facet of communication and entertainment.

The mobile phones are the latest innovative gadgets which have undergone various up gradation process. They are no longer used just for making and receiving calls but are also used for various entertainment purposes. The astounding multimedia options and the advanced connectivity features have made these gadgets the most important essence of our lives.

The demand for trendy and sophisticated mobile phones is constantly rising. It has created high pressure among the mobile phone manufacturers to come up with astounding gadgets. Moreover, various renowned companies have entered into this arena to offer latest astonishing widgets to the customers. They try to incorporate all the advanced features such as high resolution display, internet browser, music player and Document Viewer etc in their latest models. Samsung and LG are well known names in the mobile phones market. These companies have created a distinct position in the hearts of the users with their stylish and sophisticated handsets. However, LG Viewty & Samsung i780 are the two popular handsets from these brands.

The LG Viewty is a stylish handset and can be easily used to flaunt your passion for style. The TV output feature which is also incorporated in this handset can be used to view the video clips in large television screens. The large 3 inch touchscreen can display the images with the support of 256K colour shades. The enticing 50 mega pixel camera which is in built in LG KU990 Viewty is further enhanced with features such as digital zoom, auto and manual focus and flash. Video clips can be recorded at a speed of 120 frames per second with this widget. This 3G smart phone runs on GSM network and supports EDGE and GPRS connectivities.

The Samsung i780 is a stylish handset which is enriched with a touchscreen. The QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen would facilitate the users to access the menus very comfortably and at a faster pace. The Document Viewer option is also embedded in this handset which can facilitate the users to view their MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. The various multimedia messaging options such as SMS and MMS etc can help you to remain connected with your beloved ones all throughout the day. You can also view the displayed images in wide screen with the help of TV output. The Windows Media Player, VGA video call camera, Voice Memo, WAP browser, Bluetooth and USB etc are some of the efficient features embedded in this gadget.

Both, Samsung i780 & LG Viewty handsets have astounding storage capacity and come with advanced connectivity options. The touchscreen further adds more charm to the deign of these mobile phones. The video player, hands-free stereo, Bluetooth, USB, FM radio and WAP browser are some of the most important features inbuilt in this gadget.

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