Android Merchant Accounts: A Blessing For The Mobile Merchants!

It is not many years back that the acceptance of credit card payments on a mobile phone was nothing more than an imaginary thought. Merchants are strictly constrained to the stand-alone terminal devices that demanded a proper landline or Internet wired connection for processing the credit and debit card payments. However, this payment acceptance methodology proved quite inconvenient for the merchants who were involved in the mobile trade and who had to accept the payments on the go.

Traditionally, if the mobile merchants wanted to carry out plastic cash transaction, they were required to copy the card number of the customer and enter it later in their card processing machine when they returned to their office. This method encompassed high level of fraud as the business was open to internal fraud attacks. Moreover, it didn’t even follow the PCI compliance. In addition, keyed transactions also resulted in higher fees to be levied onto the merchant.

In a successful attempt to get rid of the above mentioned disadvantages, a new class of mercantile account has been developed, referred as the android merchant account. Such an account actually enables a merchant to convert his Smartphone or tablet device into a plastic cash processing portal, with almost little or no investment.

This exceptional innovation has revolutionized the process of credit card acceptance and changed the manner in which the mobile credit card transactions were carried out. Such specialized accounts have eradicated the risks of plastic card fraudulence and the extra fees of keyed in transactions.

For availing these services, a merchant is required to download the application from the android/ Google market or the Apple AppStore. Once the account application is successfully filed and completed, the merchant will be provided with authorized access to download the plastic card processing mobile app and secure the uniquely provided log-in credentials. A handy card reader can be easily plugged in the audio jack of the merchant’s Smartphone for swiping the card during ‘on-the-go’ trips.

Once the account is opened and the mobile app for plastic cash processing is downloaded with the card reader jacked in, the merchant is ready to accept flexible payments. The entire process is carried out similarly as in the case of conventional card processing portals.

Merchants can simply swipe the card in their Smartphone; make the customer sign on their Smartphone’s touch screen, and then email the transaction receipt to the customer later on. Over all, the entire process makes life simpler and easier for a merchant!

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